Etwall Kickboxing

Thursdays at Etwall Leisure Centre

7pm-8pm for 5-13 year olds

8pm-9pm for 14yrs – Adults

Questions and Answers

What age do I have to be to start?

Our classes are for 5 years + with no upper limit.

Am I signing up to a contract?

No there is no tie in period or contract with our classes. We want people to come and enjoy the classes because they want to, not because they have to.
We can also offer family memberships at a discounted rate. Please see our prices for more information.

What do I have to wear?

Initially loose comfy clothes. If you decide to take up the sport your membership package includes a full training uniform and boxing gloves.

Can I bring my own gloves?

Unfortunately only gloves and other equipment that we have provided you with can be used in class. This is a condition of our insurance and for the safety of all our students.

Can I wear trainers to class?

Trainers are not suitable to use for kickboxing training as they do not cater for the needed pivoting of your feet and could potentially cause you, or your fellow students damage, so unfortunately you cannot wear trainers in class.

You can either training barefoot, with overfoot protectors, or with kickboxing shoes. Please talk to Ceri if you would like to order overfoot protectors or kickboxing shoes. Please do not order equipment from anywhere else as you will not be able to use it in class.

Is it like boot camp?

In a word, no! Very few people respond well to being shouted at and continually pushed during training. Our classes are held in a friendly environment with supportive motivation throughout.

How safe is Kickboxing?

Safety is a top priority in everything we do. Safety equipment is encouraged even when practicing very light techniques.

Do I have to enter competitions?

No. Students are free to choose if they want to take part in the optional tournaments we organise between affiliated clubs.

How quickly will I make progress?

We believe the PKA provides the best student instruction in the UK. With our help and your dedication you should see positive results in a matter of weeks.

How fast can I get a black belt?

Please talk to us in class. Paul and Ceri went from beginners to black belts in 3 years. It took a lot of hard work, dedication and training 3 times a week, but it is possible!

How fit do I have to be?

All students are treated as unfit, starting everybody off slowly until their desired fitness is reached.