Etwall Kickboxing

Thursdays at Etwall Leisure Centre

7pm-8pm for 5-13 year olds

8pm-9pm for 14yrs – Adults


Sparring and training for competitions is a totally optional part of the sport and normally takes place in a separate additional session outside of normal class time. We sometimes train in shadow sparring during the normal classes but understandably, not everyone wants to experience full sparring.

The extra sessions allows the training to be focused on applying the techniques safely and competitively. We practice both light contact continuous sparring and point scoring. For those students who do take part, they enjoy the added element of excitement that sparring brings to their training and have an outlet for a naturally competitive streak.

Any student can begin learning to spar whenever they feel ready and are welcome to attend the training sessions (attending the sessions doesn’t mean you have to compete either!). Sparring is exhilarating and safe as we follow strict guidelines on both protective safety equipment and rules.

Sparring Session Facts

  • Sparring training is normally separate from all regular classes
  • Sparring training is completely optional
  • If you attend sparring training you do not have to compete
  • All sparring is light-contact and full safety equipment must be worn

Sparring Classes 2023

We are currently offering sparring classes 7pm-8pm on Tuesdays at Ashbourne Leisure Centre, these classes are open to students from Etwall, please talk to Ceri or Paul for more information.